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Oxygen Therapy

Siya Surgical is always on toes to provide the high class machines. In this sequence we would like to introduce you to our Oxygen Therapy Equipment. We offer Oxygen Concentrator which is used by some power supply or battery to receive purified air and distribute it for the patients suffering from low level of oxygen in their blood. Such medical devices are not bulky at all and very light-weighted as compared to the conventional oxygen tanks. The oxygen devices distillate the oxygen from the gas supply by selectively eradicating nitrogen so as to stream an oxygen-enriched gas stream. The individual who is suffering from low levels of oxygen in their blood requires the oxygen distillate which purifies the air taken in.

Regarding the Oxygen Therapy, there has to be a substantial use of High flow oxygen therapy machines designed with precise configurations which enables the stream of unremitting oxygen supply to the patient and can be obtainable in treatment arenas. Suppose the patient is in ICU (Intensive Care Unit) and need respiratory support to control blood gases and smoothen breathing, you can confidently refer for the devices supplied by Siya Surgical since we are the prominent provider of high flow oxygen therapy machine highly recommended by the leading doctors and health care providers.

A good oxygen device is considered which qualify for the below bars efficiently-
  • Easy to set-up and operate
  • Handy to use
  • Supports all the age groups right from infants to senior patients
  • Improve gas exchange
  • Allows patients to perform comfortably communicating, eating and sleeping
  • Safety alarms to warn in case of therapy interruptions
  • It must support when there is secretion clearance
  • Must help when there is reduction in breathing work
  • Control respiration rate
  • Should help in decreasing ICU admissions
  • Will help in moderation of the cost of care
  • Helps when there is significantly reduction in work of breathing
  • Helps efficiently to the patients encountering specific respiratory difficulties
How it works:
The flow of the process implemented in Oxygen Concentrator is that first it collects air from the room and compresses the oxygen. It takes out the nitrogen components from the air and adjusts in a way that the air is delivered and thereby delivers the purified air to the patient.

We are a distinguished High Flow Oxygen Device Suppliers in Surat, Gujarat. Our all the range of Oxygen Machine are pretty cost-effective and affordable. Our Oxygen Concentrators can be used at several levels like Health Care Industry, ozone Industry, residential usage etc. We provide the below Oxygen Therapy Devices:
  • Oxygen Concentrator
  • Portable Oxygen Concentrator

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