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Sleep & Respiratory

Sleep & Respiratory equipment and machines by Siya Surgical which are fitted with steady and noiseless motor which will ensure the most favorable comfort and accessibility. Procured from distinguished sources, these

medical equipment

are the most trusted device to regulate the required night’s sleep in the finest probable way. All of the

respiratory equipped machines

are developed and designed with advanced techniques that offers with breath by breath examination features.

We totally believe that an effective

sleep rehabilitation

management enables patients to have coordinated sleep so that they can have the liberty to live a fulfilling life as well as to revive their dreams. Also by re-establishing their ability to

sleep contentedly

in a way that the sleep is intended to be. We have been the leading distributor of

machines for sleep investigative

and therapy elucidations. We focus to provide patient-driven calibrated

health care equipment

which will help patients in leading mindful and healthy lives.

We at Siya Surgical we work in concern with the care benefactors to provide support as patient-centred for

respiratory ailment

management methodology. Our

respiratory devices

are being used at health care centres and hospitals consistently since years long across the whole patient care journey. Our solutions are helping the patient amenableness at their home as well as that has contributed to many of the hospital readmissions.

Breathing issues


Respiratory diseases

and other medical circumstances entail special care and also it might require a frequent sequence of therapy equipment. Siya Surgical’s extensive grid setup of professionally registered

respiratory devices

help the care takers to assess, evaluate and refer the effective treatments. We provide the premium range of sleep & respiratory equipment and support therapy. We also offer the tools and information to avail whole of your respiratory and oxygen needs.

We supply the below equipment for Sleep & Respiratory Therapies:
  • CPAP
  • Spirometer
  • Respiratory Sleeplab
  • Polysomnography System
  • Invasive Ventilator
  • Non-Invasive Ventilator
  • Cough Assist

Call us directly on +91 93274 33292 or get in touch for various healthcare equipment like CPAP, BIPAP, Spirometer, Sleeplab, Polysomnography System, Invasive Ventilator, Non-Invasive Ventilator, Cough Assist etc. in Surat, Gujarat. We also provide these

health care equipment on rental basis



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